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What kind of truck equipment should a school have?

TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL VEHICLES: One of the most common complaints we get from students is about the quality of the trucks that are used for training. However, most students do not realize how much a truck costs to maintain, especially a truck that are used for student driving. Students are very tough on trucks when they are learning to drive. Students grind gears when shifting, they don’t know how to use a clutch, they go over curbs, and sometimes bump other objects. All of this wear and tear takes its toll on a truck. So don't expect a brand new shiny truck to be waiting for you. That is unrealistic.

That being said, a truck driving school should have "late model" equipment that is safe and well maintained. Late model means that the equipment should not be out of date. It should be close to what the student can expect to drive with a company. But most companies buy new tractors every few years, so their equipment is basically new (or only a few years old). A school usually cannot do this. Although schools cannot have ALL new equipment, they should have at least one truck that is only four to five years old for use in street driving. For driving maneuvers on a practice driving yard (backing, coupling, parking etc.) most schools will have equipment that is up to 10 years old (or older). That is OK as long as the vehicle is used just for private driving yard practice.

We also note that ALL trucks should be safe and well maintained. You should get an idea of the maintenance just by looking at and listening to the truck. Ask the school how often the truck is inspected. Ask to see when the last inspection was conducted. The truck should have basic items for safety such as a fire extinguisher, traffic warning triangles and an accident report kit. If you have questions about truck safety, ask the school staff. You can also check with the state and federal Department of Transportation regarding the safety record of a company. Always ask to see a copy of the truck insurance before you drive on public streets. An insurance card must always be with any vehicle driven on the road.
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